Our Philosophy

The Goblet + Gobble motto is simple: Don’t Settle. It’s an attitude, it’s about respect. It says I know myself and care. It tells other people that they’re important and they’re worth it; that little things do matter.

We go a step further and invite you to do the same.

We’re passionate about food and wine, the country experience, the home-cooked meal, the cabin in the bush and the tent next to the river. 

We believe in meeting the people and getting out to the regions where great food and wine is produced.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but when you’re in our home, we’re serious about looking after you.

Who are we?

We’re story tellers & entertainers.

We’re extroverts & introverts.

We love Gin & Tonic & Long Island Iced Tea in the sun.

We call our own cheese plates ‘Yums’… and we just want to gobble them up!

We strive for quality and value-for-money, and believe they are not mutually exclusive.

We believe everyone is the master of their own destiny.

We believe in participating in and giving back to our community.

We believe life is long, and in choosing adventure and possibility.

Introducing Ross…

I love great wine, and love introducing people to wine they’d never have the courage to try on their own.

I believe in value for money, not the cheapest price: I’ve bought $10 wines and $400 wines.  My favourite grape is (probably) Viognier… if you told me this would be the case five years ago, I would have laughed (I used to just drink lots of Shiraz!).  I’m not a wine expert … just a passionate advocate who people trust to try something different

I love that look on someone’s face when they are genuinely surprised – and happy – to find a new wine that they want to drink again.  I want to create that moment for more people.

While Amy loves to get away to the farm, I love heading into the bush on my own and camping next to a small fire. I always take a great bottle of wine (or two!), and spend hours just watching the fire, the stars, listening to the animals and not really thinking at all! Try it sometime.

Introducing Amy…

I reckon I was part of a really large family in a past life.  There’s a running joke in my family that I can only cater in increments of eight guests.  If there’s four, I cook for eight, ten, I cook for sixteen.  I keep a fridge full of goodies just in case, can throw a platter together on a whim, and am often found up at 1am cooking whatever is left so that it doesn’t go to waste.  I love to feed the people I love, and believe in supporting local and regional produce, artisan food, and rustic, good quality home fare a plenty!  The daughter of a Canadian, I grew up knowing how lucky we are in Austalia to have such bountiful and amazing produce on our doorstop.  I’m not a chef, a food expert or gastronome – I just love to cook, entertain and make (sometimes messy) experiments in the kitchen.

Apart from creating food and wine fun with Ross, there is nothing I love more than getting home to the green grassy roams of the family farm, being showered in lick-kisses from the dog, and enjoying some local wine and produce overlooking the paddocks, with a handful of dog ear in one hand and a smile in my heart.  This is what I love to share.