Vine Explorer

The Vine Explorer helps you find great wine and boutique cellar doors. They are independent with no advertising and contain all the recommendations a good friend would give you.

  • Full-day self drive wine tasting itineraries
  • Maps
  • Winery details & ratings
  • Independent recommendations
  • Local history and insider information


“I have literally found the best way to discover a wine region’s cellar doors. If you don’t mind the driving, all the work (& decisions) are done for you. Thanks Goblet + Gobble for the online itinerary. All wineries, in order and rated based on experience and quality. Saved me loads of time.” Australian Wine Wally (@australian_wine_wally)

“Loved your recommendations for the Barossa… Not your mainstream and a solid selection without a bad drop. Bonus was discovering that both are vegan friendly!” Cam

  • Spend money on wine, not drivers
  • Go where you want, when you want
  • Maximise valuable wine tasting time. Don’t get lost
  • No buses, no awkward conversations with people you don’t know
  • Your friends, your day
  • Independent, personalised recommendations with no advertising

The Vine Explorer Story….

Hunter Vineyard

The Vine Explorer was born out of visiting many wine regions over many years, trying a few tours, but always feeling like we didn’t get value for money. We were on someone else’s schedule, rarely went to any unique wineries, had to share our experience with a mini-bus of people which meant we couldn’t really have ‘us’ time, and good conversation with the people in the wineries was limited.

Pretty soon, we changed our thinking and starting visiting wineries based on the principle of “one glass, no plonk”. It meant we could drive all day, drink good wine and go where we wanted. Over the years we found many great wineries, in many different regions, and very soon we had many, (many!) people asking for recommendations. The very first informal self-guided tour was of the Barossa; following the weight of requests, we actually wrote down all our recommendations into a self-guided tour.

And that’s how the inspiration behind the guides was born: put together all the information that a good friend would give you, in a tour format, so that you can have all the benefits of the wine-tasting experience and none of the wasted time.

After about a year of having independent guides for the Barossa, Hunter and Yarra Valleys, we realised that everyone’s idea of the perfect day in the vines is different, but with a little bit of information, we could customise the guide. This part of our evolution received great review and in March 2016 we were nominated as a finalist in the Winexplorer Innovation Competition, finishing a close second, but winning the People’s Choice award. With this endorsement, we have now embarked on the journey to turn the guides into an app and have set our vision of changing how people find wine!

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