Anyone can build a great wine collection and doing so doesn’t make you a ‘wine wanker’, far from it. We firmly believe the value of creating a great wine collection is that you will always have wine that matches the moment and mood. To that end, we recommend building a collection to include:

  • a good selection of aged wines between 4-15 years old (or more) to enjoy for dinner parties, celebrations or ‘just because’;
  • a good base of mid-priced wines of wines to drink with friends or over weekends when you have a bit more time to enjoy it (you’ll probably decant most of these, or at least give them time to breathe in the bottle);
  • a few favourite ‘quaffers’ to enjoy while cooking dinner, or if you just want a glass or two mid-week. These are the cheaper wines and one of the benefits of visiting cellar doors is that you will often find discount cases for less than $100 – that’s about $8 a bottle.

Something else to consider when building a wine collection is the value of magnums. Magnums are twice the size of a normal bottle of wine (1500ml) and great for dinner parties with 6-8 people. Not only do they have a ‘wow’ factor, but they mean that everyone can have a glass from the same bottle, and maybe even two glasses. They also age very well (and slower than regular size bottles), which can also add to the enjoyment of the evening.

When considering the wines to age, remember that quality does count. While there are some bottles around the $15 mark that, after 5-7 years, are much better, generally speaking, you get what you pay for. As a general rule of thumb, anything less than $20 won’t really age and should be drank now. From $25 – $30, you are entering the start of the ‘ageing territory’, and from $35+, if it won’t age, it isn’t worth the money.