Who visits wine regions?

Why visit wine regions?

In 2015 there were 8.3 million wine drinkers in Australia (49% of female and 41.2% of the male adult population) and Wine Australia research states wine-related tourism accounts for 15.8 million domestic and 44.2 million international visitor nights across Australia. But who are these people and how do they decide what wineries to visit?

The demographics of visitors to wine regions is very diverse. Their age ranges from 25 – 70+ and they rely on personal recommendations, Google, or random chance to identify the wineries they will visit. More than 60% say they spend more money per individual bottle at a cellar door than other places (a further 22% say it depends on the wine), and nearly 70% say they want a list of recommendations when in a region, but still want to explore. Approximately 55% of people rate the statement: “How important is it to you to research and select the wineries you visit?” as 7/10 or higher.

While the market is diverse, they all share the same characteristics: they are more discerning, regardless of their wine knowledge.  They like to entertain, share wine with friends and family, and take pride in going a little bit further, regardless of age or socio-economic status. They seek both certainty and mystery in taking a day trip – having a plan but being flexible with whatever comes along the way.

Goblet + Gobble has undertaken market research to better understand why people visit wine regions. This study was a combination of in-person interviews and an in-depth online survey.

Download the report here.


Goblet + Gobble has also collected data on the specific wine, price and other preferences of wine tourists. The data was collected during a three-week period in April 2016 during a trial of customer take-up of the BYO Vine Guides. Interestingly, this research highlighted that the majority of visitors (~65%) did not visit a wine region with the intention to buy wine, and only 20% came with the intention to buy wine in a significant quantity.

The BYO Vine Guides were a finalist in the Brancott Estate Winexplorer Innovation challenge, winning the People’s Choice award and coming runner up in the major prize.

Download the visitor preferences report here.